Bidasari and the Djinn (E-book)

Bidasari and the Djinn (E-book)

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Author: Ninot Aziz

Bidasari and the Djinn is a modern retelling of a Malaysian fairytale with similarities to the European tale of Sleeping Beauty. Who influenced whom is not important, but the various cultural references are.

The Epic of Bidasari, or Syair Bidasari, is a charming poem, set in a country called Inderapura (probably before the European adventures in Asia), that has all the ingredients of an enchanting fairy tale; a beautiful princess, an evil queen, sorcery, magic, a handsome king and with the ultimate happy ending. Like all such tales its origins were probably oral, and has existed in different versions throughout southeast Asia.

Format: Large HB
Year published: 2018
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Sub-genre: heritage
Imprint: Silverfish Books
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