The Sum of Our Follies (E-book)

The Sum of Our Follies (E-book)

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Author: Shih-Li Kow

The star of The Sum of Our Follies is the story of characters is a fictional backwater town called Lubok Sayong, in a so called 'developing country' (In Malaysia but could be anywhere in Asia) with no claim to fame apart from its annual floods, a dubious legend and general mediocrity, struggling with modernity and globalization; a town with characters that could be compared to those of Amado and Narayan, and Calvino, including the magic. This is Malaysia (and Asia) in a nutshell.

Shih-Li Kow's novel has won a top French literary award in 2018. The prize is called the "Prix du Premier Roman Etranger", which literally translates as "First Novel Award, in the foreign category".

The Sum of Our Follies has been currently translated to Italian and French. More inquiries are pouring in.

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Year published: 2017
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Sub-genre: novel
Imprint: Silverfish Books
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