Why Self-Publish


You've finished a book!

And you think you have a killer manuscript to make you world famous. What do you do?

You spend years looking for an agent, who is unlikely to look at your manuscript unless you're previously published. And no big publisher will look your manuscript if you don't have an agent. Almost every author has been there. There is no chance for anything new or different

Then, you try a small indie publisher. They are more friendly, but it's still difficult. They don't have the resources of the big boys, and are more selective. More focused. All indies have a niche, and the decision may not be entirely market or profit-driven. Is your book suitable for their audience? Every genre has a different market channel. Ultimately, traditional publishing houses choose the author; you don't choose them.

The point is, in many cases, traditional publishing doesn't even make sense. Seldom are the expectations of both the publisher and author met.

So, on to your second option: self-publish. Perhaps it should have been your first, all along.

You don't need a bookshop to sell books.

(Only certain types.) Target groups, communities, clubs, patients, care-givers, students, family and friends, etc. Don't bother to bury your book in shops deep beneath mountains of other titlles. Sell them at seminars, conferences, meetings, social media, book clubs ... anywhere. Keep all your profits; not just 10%!

Famous, authors who, self-published include Stephen King, Edgar Allan Poe, Mark Twain, John Grisham and Tom Clancy.

But, beware of sharks. There are many excellent self-publishing companies out there, but watch out  for the man-eaters. They will make you part with thousands of ringgit (we've heard, eighty thousand) for just 5 free POD copies of your book, and a listing on Amazon. Please do your research.

What about Amazon, then? Yes, what about them? Many companies will promise you a listing on Amazon just to entice you. But do you really need that? First, you can do it yourself at a tiny fraction of the cost. Second, how many copies do you think you'll sell on Amazon?

The DIY solution.

This is the lowest-cost option. You can get friends to help you, if you know how. Sadly, most people don't. They may approach a printer directly, but that's another trap

The SilverfishNew assisted D-I-Y solution. would be its best description of what we'll do. We will handle all the admin bits, publish the book and send you the copies you've ordered, for you to sell and keep all the money. (We'll advise you how.) That'll be your royalty!

Email us for a meeting Or, take a chance and walk into Silverfish Books at BangsarVillage2. Compare our prices and services; you'll be surprised how inexpensive we are.

Bottom line. Strike a balance between cost per book, the quantity you print, the quality, and the selling price.

Email: silverfishbooks@outlook.com

SilverfishNew is fully owned by Silverfish Books, and this custom solution is available to addresses in Malaysia and Singapore only.

Photo: Hieroglyphs on stone, ancient Egypt.(Image from Pixabay.)