A Hakka Saga

A Hakka Saga

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Author: Dr. Heenie Lee

Dr. Heenie Lee has a sharp eye for detail and a keen ear for dialogue. The anecdotes as related to him by his mother are delightful, a veritable treasure trove of Chinese beliefs and customs. He makes the past come alive through them and in the process is leaving a wonderful legacy for the young generation who know little of their own customs. Although his mother's family is Hakka, the stories are universally Chinese and any Chinese who have ever sat on Grandmother's knee being fed food and fables will certainly relate to them. Along the way, the reader will be touched by the moral integrity, patriotism, family kinship, and charity displayed by Heenie's grandfather and indeed the values handed down through the generation. A heroic effort to document one family historical saga and may it act as a beacon of light for the younger generation.

- Puan Sri Dato' Sandra Lee, Founder, 22 Hale Street Heritage Gallery

Format: Large PB
Year Published: 2020
Pages: 272
Sub-genre: Memoir
Imprint: Self-publish
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