Adaptive Leadership Amidst Chaos: a COVID-19 Story

Adaptive Leadership Amidst Chaos: a COVID-19 Story

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Survival in times of chaos depends on our ability to adapt. The authors explore a management paradigm that has been thrust to hyper-relevance during the COVID-19 era. Organisations have fallen and some have risen to prominence during the chaotic reign of hysteria and panic triggered by the COVID-19 institutionalised scare. 

What is the common narrative that lurks behind a COVID-19's survivor's story? Can we attain an up on the balcony view of the chaos from a distance? If yes, what do we see? More importantly, what do we learn? Are there any preparatory lessons for the next tumultuous natural or man-made disasters to hit our organisations or countries? 

These are the themes discussed and analysed within the pages of Adaptive Leadership Amidst Chaos - A COVID-19 Story

We thank you for picking up your copy and we hope you benefit from its reading as much as we did writing it. 


Format: Paperback
Year published: 2022
Pages: 210
Imprint: Apricot Education
Product weight: 490g

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