An Introduction to the History of Architecture, Art & Design

An Introduction to the History of Architecture, Art & Design

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Architecture, art and design have shaped the world we live in and provide us with a chronicle of the times in which they were created. From ancient monuments to whistling kettles, from Renaissance masters to graffiti artists and from the Colosseum to the Beijing Bird's Nest, this book presents the facts in a clear and accessible way. The best examples from each era are illustrated here together with their famous creators, alongside timelines that track the evolution of the artistic disciplines throughout history.

- An invaluable, quick reference source for students or professionals.

- The perfect companion for those studying or who have general interest in the subject.

- Clearly presented in well-organised chapters covering key periods from ancient to modern times.

- Packed with background text which provides excellent essay source material with lists of notable works, key people and timelines for each era.

- Accompanied by over 300 colour photographs and illustrations that bring the facts to life.


Format: Large paperback
Year published: 2021
Pages: 310
Imprint: Sunway University Press
Product weight: 935g

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