Anything but the Law

Anything but the Law

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Author: Tommy Thomas

“With legal acumen and moral vision, Tommy Thomas presents a compelling narrative for a version of statehood that is inclusive and accountable…

Thomas offers a riveting chronicle and judicious analysis of two contentious political issues – the bifurcation of Islamic state vs secularism and the social contract….

The author laments that his foray into economics is with much trepidation; but he seems to be an advertent economist in his essays on unbridled US market capitalism and financial crisis. This might turn him into a ‘public enemy’ of the ‘robber barons’….

The book is the erudition of a public intellectual, who passionately argues for a just and equitable society.” — Anwar Ibrahim, Former Deputy Prime Minister & Former Leader of the Opposition

Format: Medium PB
Year published: 2016
Pages: 340
Sub-genre: politics, law
Imprint: SIRD
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