Birds of the Forests of Peninsular Malaysia

Birds of the Forests of Peninsular Malaysia

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Author: Rosli Omar

Aimed as a field guide (or for the simple pleasure of enjoying photos of the birds), this book presents 301 species — 189 lowland, 72 montane, 40 mangrove — with their distribution, status (conservation — local, global, and local legal status), range, habitat, habits, food, gender difference, subspecies, and breeding information. Data from the now closed website, Bird-i-Witness, has also been included (number of a species observations, places it was observed, etc).

Like the Malaysian Nature Society’s A Checklist of the Birds of Malaysia (2016), this book follows the eBird website of Cornell University’s names (English and scientific). Names that are different from those used by other bird organisations and books are also given, along with Malay name(s), size, resident and/or migrant status. Each species has a dedicated page (occasionally, two) with two photographs (sometimes one, or three) allowing for large photographs of male, female and juvenile birds if available

Rosli Omar has been birding for some 20 years. He was a lecturer at Universiti Malaya till 2012 when he was diagnosed with glaucoma. Fearing his eyesight might deteriorate, he decided to concentrate on what he loved best — bird watching and rambling in the forest — thus ending his days as an academic. He also decided to photograph the birds for posterity given that they were getting rarer due to deforestation and poaching. Educated in Universiti Malaya, University of Edinburgh and Imperial College London (initially in Electrical Engineering and later, Artificial Intelligence), Rosli has a great passion for the environment.

Format: Medium HB
Year published: 2018
Pages: 350
Sub-genre: nature, photography
Imprint: SIRD
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