Doctor on the Move: Life's Journey

Doctor on the Move: Life's Journey

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Author: Datuk Dr. Jagjit Singh Sambhi

Jagjit Singh Sambhi came into this world a premature baby, not expected to survive beyond a few hours let alone days, given his condition and the state of medical care in the 1930s. Such was his indomitable spirit, he lived on to taste life unconditionally and fulfill his destiny. As a Doctor on the Move, he placed a premium on service to Mankind. He gave generously of his time, talents and expertise to all his patients, even when the first patient to his newly-opened Sambhi Clinic for Women was a man!

Datuk Dr. Sambhi lives the life of a global citizen, assimilating and commemorating different cultures, whilst always maintaining strong family bonds and cultivating life-long friendships. He knows when to celebrate life and how to face adversity, when to mount a challenge or stand up for his principles and how to let go.

Doctor on the Move: Life's Journey explores the era of Malaya in the 1930s, the Second World War, the Communist insurrection, the birth of the nation, and the modern times; life in 1960s UK & Europe; specialist & hospital medicine in the public and private Sectors, pioneering medical service in England, Brunei, Sarawak and the Peninsula; charitable endeavours; fine dining; holidaying around the world; and, well, life as a Sambhi!

This book records remarkable eclectic anecdotes: the surgical removal of the largest tumour in Malaysia, the delivery rituals of the indigenous tribes of Sarawak, the Pantangs, or traditions at birth of Malaysia's different races; how it feels to travel 1,200 feet into the Earth; discover the secret machinations of this country's first Tripartisan leaders, and perhaps previously untold tale of their clandestine meetings! Life's Journey is a tribute to revering and fulfilling one's purpose. It is an homage to a life well lived, to Datuk Dr. Jagjit Singh Sambhi's existence on the Earth.

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Year published: 2017
Pages: 490
Sub-genre: biography
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