English Studies in Asia

English Studies in Asia

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Author: Lim Chee Seng, Yoshihara Yukari

Edited by Araki, Lim, Minami, Yoshihara.

In her introduction, Yoshihara Yukari of Tsukuba University writes: Some Asian countries have a past history of colonization by English speaking or European countries, while others did not - this naturally affects the meaning of English studies in each Asian country. Moreover, while some Asian countries are mono-lingual, others are multi-lingual. Counter-measures to 'talk back' in the (colonial) master's language differs. These factors have effects on the different significance of English studies. For the purpose of highlighting the similarities/differences in English studies in various Asian countries/localities, multiple-comparison, rather than one-to-one comparison, seems more favorable. This book is a collection of essays by 17 academics involved in the teaching of English and literature in Asia from the historical, cultural and political points of view. You will be surprised at some of the facts.

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Year published: 2007
Pages: 256
Sub-genre: essays
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