Mother & Child (HB)

Mother & Child (HB)

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Author: Yusof Gajah

Yusof Gajah's Mother & Child watercolour paintings form one of his most popular series. Each painting shows a mother elephant and her child. This book is a celebration of motherhood and the family. The images show how the mother tenderly teaches and cares for her child. Now, for the first time, a selection of those paintings are reproduced in this book for you to enjoy. Each painting is accompanied by a sketch and a quote. This is the hardcover edition of the book.

"Yusof Gajah is the master of colours, of fantasy, of imagination and style. Sometimes he manages to contain the whole world in only one elephant, sometimes he really challenges the viewer's first...the picture looks simple, then they discover more and more details, leading into a pure adventure." -Arild Braastad, Ambassador of Norway

Format: Small HB
Year published: 2009
Pages: 56
Sub-genre: picture book
Imprint: Oyez!
Product weight: 240g

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