No Ordinary Love

No Ordinary Love

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Author: Sonia Mael

Katarina and Josh fell in love with each other the moment she accidentally crashed into him. Having been brought up within the folds of a doting family, she found it difficult to come to terms with Josh's mercurial temper. When Josh realized the damage he was doing to their relationship and the hurt he was inflicting upon his beloved, he broke off with her and started on a journey of self discovery.

Will the lovers ever meet again? When and if they do, under what circumstances?

Love demands sacrifices. It is in the giving that one proves one's love for the other.

The theme runs through the entire novel as the writer shares her glimpses into other relationships which are set amidst the backdrop of Malaysian society in the twentieth century. She tries to remain as close as possible to the facts of history in so far as they blend with the plot of the novel.

Format: Small PB
Year published: 2016
Pages: 299
Sub-genre: novels
Imprint: Rofaz Management
Product weight: 293g

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