No Way Home

No Way Home

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Author: Teo Ann Siang

Here are stories of the Rohingyas who are living in Myanmar, Bangladesh and Malaysia. The voices of the exiled and the displaced.

Malaysia hosts the largest number of refugees from Myanmar, second only to Bangladesh. It is believed that there are about 300,000 registered and unregistered Rohingyas living in the country. Under Malaysian law, the Rohingya are still not recognized as refugees. Instead, they are deemed as illegal immigrants.

No Way Home is divided into three parts – Bangladesh, Malaysia and Myanmar – and is based on the author’s personal observations at home and abroad, coupled with works by various organisations in these regions. These encounters provide a more extensive and contextual view of the ongoing suffering and persecution faced by the Rohingya people, and raises questions of our shared humanity in times of crisis.

Teo Ann Siang received his Master’s degree in Southeast Asian Studies from the University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur. He has written two books on humanitarian issues in Mandarin, and has participated in a number of MyCARE humanitarian missions all over the world, namely Thailand (2016), Bangladesh (2018), Myanmar (2019) and Turkey (2019).

Format: Medium PB
Year published: 2020
Pages: 206
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