Ripples and Other Stories

Ripples and Other Stories

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Author: Shih-Li Kow

Shortlisted for the 2009 Frank O'Connor Short Story Award

Shih-Li just keeps getting better and better. In her first full book of short stories (which, incidentally has been nominated for the Commonwealth Writer's Prize in the First Book category), Shih Li's delicate touch and turn of phrase continues. She says she loves writing and obviously means it. She will not let any excuse get in the way of her passion. She holds a full time job working six days a week, and is a loving single mother with a ten-year-old. If you were getting tired of fiction, this is the place to have your faith renewed in the beauty and the terror of the imaginary. I recommend that you read the stories in order of appearance. Unexpected delights will emerge: characters, locations and events from earlier stories will pop up in subsequent ones, adding shade and dimension to the earlier appearances. Things connect -- not in a mystery-solving way, but because even seemingly random occurrences have a history behind them. And since these connections occur in a social environment like Malaysia, they get complicated further by our famously fraught cultural and historical matrices. -- Amir Muhammad, Malay Mail, 31st December 2008.

Format: Medium PB
Year published: 2009
Pages: 192
Sub-genre: stories
Imprint: Silverfish Books
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