Social Carbon Copy

Social Carbon Copy

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Author: Francis Wolf

In 2002, Spunky Funggy went on tour to Thailand. While on the road, I kept a small journal to write about the experience. When we got back, I printed the pages and photocopied them just like any other zine at the time. I printed 200 copies and we sold all of them within weeks. Since then, I had not read the manuscript until moments ago and it made me smile. Reading the manuscript as I was transcribing this book made me realise where I was and where I am right now. How I view the world and how being punk was important to being me. It was nice to listen to the version of 'me' from that time.

-- Francis Wolf, Introduction --

Format: Small PB
Year published: 2013
Pages: 100
Sub-genre: essays
Imprint: Doyerown Books
Product weight: 130g

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