Stranded on Kapas Island

Stranded on Kapas Island

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On the way to his first fishing trip in the South China Sea with his grandfather (Tokki), Soki succumbed to seasickness. They both agreed that the boy should wait at Kapas Island while Tokki continued going fishing on his own at the open sea beyond the island, with an understanding that Tokki would fetch Soki in the evening before returning to the mainland.

Unexpectedly, a violent storm at sea with gale-force winds slashed through the Island, and so Tokki failed to return. Soki found himself stranded alone on Kapas Island.
Despite feeling scared and abandoned, Soki started exploring the bounties on the island and its surrounding sea. He befriended three big animals: Rita (a python), Nuwa (a Leatherback turtle), and Liki (a shark). The boy quickly discovered that he was able to communicate with these animals in several ways.
In the next four days, Rita, Nuwa and Liki separately shared their knowledge and wisdom with Soki, guiding the boy on how to survive on the island, and leading him through a beautiful journey in search of his missing grandfather.

Format: Paperback
Year published: 2021
Pages: 255
Imprint: Merpati Jingga
Product weight: 345Ā g

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