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Author: Tee Lin Dee

A young doctor comes to terms with the gruelling life of the medical profession, struggling with ethics and responsibilities. A retiree navigates the petty squabbles and rivalries in her Tai Chi group. A part-time moneylender must face the consequences of his decisions as he juggles his day job. And an avowed dancer questions the thin line between committing to art and selling out in the cutthroat world of his profession. Weaving in and out of these stories is the ever-outspoken Swensen, who sheds new light on entrenched perspectives.

Infused with an edgy, urban energy, but also nuanced and compassionate as it tackles poverty, class, culture and animals, Lin Dee’s debut collection questions the superficiality at the heart of modern Malaysian life and the possibilities that lie beyond.

Format: Small PB
Year published: 2020
Pages: 244
Imprint: Gerakbudaya
Product weight: 315g

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