Survivor: My Life as a Rohingya Refugee

Survivor: My Life as a Rohingya Refugee

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"I live in a world where every human right has been denied to me and my people ... But surviving a tragedy is not living. Living means having a purpose, living lives, learning new things, having a career, hopes, and dreams that are not fantasy but can actually have a chance at becoming a reality someday. It is more than existing."

Having fled from Myanmar at a young age, Ziaur Rahman's story is one of survival. From the heavily controlled regime of the refugee camps in Bangladesh, bleak depths of the sea, and the Covid-19 crisis, the politics of being a refugee are explored in this deep, immensely personal narrative. 


"Ziaur's story is one of resilience, courage, and conviction ... a compelling reminder that Myanmar's genocide and citizenship stripping practices have a far-reaching impact on Rohingyas living outside the country across multiple generations."

Maung Zarni and Natalie Brinham

Co-authors of Essays on Myanmar's Genocide of Rohingyas (2012-2018)


Year published: 2021
Pages: 175
Imprint: Gerakbudaya 
Product weight: 310g

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