The Kitchen Secrets of Expat Women

The Kitchen Secrets of Expat Women

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Author: Melinda Roos, Pernille Reck

The Kitchen Secrets of Expat Women is compiled by two Kuala Lumpur expats, Pernille Reck; a Dane who runs a catering business in Kuala Lumpur and Melinda Roos; a Filipina newspaper columnist and writer for various expat print and online publications, both sharing a passion for food and love for cooking. Realizing that there is a wealth of different, interesting and delicious dishes from the expat circles they enjoy at every gathering, whether at parties, poker keeno nights, or just any random weekend barbecue; the myriad of recipes they have had the pleasure to sample is worth compiling. What follows is a collection of 118 delightful new and classic recipes from 33 countries, contributed by fellow expat women coming from 30 nationalities. Inspired by recipes from their home countries and those they have visited, or from their mixed marriages, or passed on from generation to generation; all bound by the common thread of expatriation.

Most dishes have a brief background or history, which gives us a peek into how expat women have become creative in the kitchen. Along the way, we discover how they deviate from classic methods to add contemporary twists depending on the availability of the local ingredients, the application of new cooking techniques to what where once traditional recipes; adapting their tastes to theirs and their families palates. The Kitchen Secrets of Expat Women is a compilation of tried-and-tested recipes with an emphasis on simple and creative home cooking for the at-home chefs, as well as an interesting glimpse into the colorful cultural weaving through each dish.

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Year published: 2017
Pages: 119
Sub-genre: Cooking
Imprint: Melinda Roos
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