The Prince of Mount Tahan

The Prince of Mount Tahan

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Author: Ishak Haji Muhammad, Harry Aveling (trans)

Ishak Haji Muhammad (1909-1991) was one of Malaysia's pioneer nationalists. His patriotism caused him to abandon a safe and comfortable career as a government officer under the British colonial administration and to launch himself into politics and writing instead. In the political field he swiftly emerged as a fearless critic of colonialism and became one of the leaders of the now defunct Malay Nationalist Party. For his pains he was imprisoned by the British both before and after the Second World War.

As part of and beyond politics, Ishak was a prolific writer of articles, novels and poems. His best-known work The Prince of Mount Tahan (Putera Gunung Tahan), published in 1937, was his first novel and also a pioneering work in the Malay genre of satire. This and his Anak Mat Lela Gila, published shortly after remain his strongest and most effective works.

After a life full of vicissitude, Ishak - or Pak Sako as he was more popularly known - won the recognition which was his due. In 1973 he received an honorary D.Litt from the University of Malaya and in 1976 he became one of the first six holders of the newly-instituted Malaysian Literary Pioneer Awards. In his later years he remained active as a columnist for Utusan Malaysia and Gila-Gila.

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