Truth or Fiction (E-book)

Truth or Fiction (E-book)

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Author: Lakshmy A. Krishnan, Margaret Fletcher, Pushpa Menon

Three writers from three countries -- Singapore, Australia and Malaysia -- work together for two years for this exciting collection. Lakshmy A Krishnan explores her roots; Margaret Fletcher explores the seamier side of the expatriate life in Malaysia; and Pushpa Menon, a retired lawyer, has become a master storyteller.This is a collection of short stories by the three, and their effort and commitment shows.

Lakshmy A. Krishnan grew up rooted in the fictional world of books in the rustic backdrop of Kangar and Alor Setar. Her story-telling parents further fueled her imagination by sharing personal tales and Indian folklore. Her fascination for stories trailed her into her university days in Kuala Lumpur and Durham, UK, and later into her adult world in Singapore. It is unsurprising therefore she nurtured a secret desire to be a writer. Only recently though she did something about it by joining the Silverfish Writing Programme. Her personal history with a liberal sprinkling of imagination inspire most of her stories. Her son and husband, her main critics, are also her cheerleaders who egg her on to write.

Margaret Fletcher was born and educated in Sydney, Australia. Margaret subsequently put down roots in London, UK, for more than two decades, working in senior management roles in the NGO sector. She relocated to Kuala Lumpur in 2012. She is an avid reader and traveller. The world of literature has captivated her since childhood. Inspired by a Silverfish Writing Programme in 2014, she happily took the plunge to pursue a keen interest in creative writing.

Pushpa Menon's father was an avid reader and it was only natural that she took after him. Although she read a lot, Pushpa never thought of writing stories until she retired, after practising law for thirty-two years. She then attended the Silverfish Writing Programme and ventured into writing short fiction. She now finds nothing more pleasurable than creating an imaginary world and populating it with characters that spring from her subconscious mind. Pushpa Menon is married, has three sons and a grandson. She lives in Petaling Jaya.

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