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Author: Rozlan Mohd Noor

After four rapes (video recordings of which are posted on the internet), one suicide and one bloody murder, Inspector Mislan is convinced that something more sinister is afoot; all the victims are gay.

“There’s nothing to indicate that these were crimes of lust, or opportunity. The vics were meticulously selected, possibly monitored for days, weeks, even months, before they were raped.” He shakes his head, “These were definitely not one man jobs. And, I won’t be surprised, if they have a list of potential vics identified.”

Throughout history men have controlled 'wayward' women with terror: beatings them in to submission, disfiguring their faces with acid, murdering them in the name of honour, and worse. Now, a group of fundamentalists have decided on the 'final solution' to the 'gay problem' with the ultimate hate crime.

Format: Medium PB
Year published: 2012
Pages: 304
Imprint: Silverfish Books
Product weight: 450g

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