Wanderer to Brunei and Beyond

Wanderer to Brunei and Beyond

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Author: Pengembara

To Brunei and Beyond is the fourth book by ‘Pengembara’, which explores the seldom visited islands in Brunei Bay and variety of destinations in Brunei, as well as Peninsular Malaysia and Thailand – the destinations ‘beyond’.

These writings are the sum of Pengembara’s journeys. Read them and you travel with him, across borders in Borneo from Pengembara’s home in the Malay Sultanate of Brunei Darussalam into the East Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak. Malay culture and discourse, written or spoken, sidesteps egocentrism. The first person singular pronoun ‘I’ is not to be found in these writings – only the name Pengembara. For the anonymity of a nama samaran (pen name), has an honourable tradition in the literature of the region.

Seldom will readers encounter the past tense either, for Pengembara’s story is told in the present. His is an ongoing journey and one which is timeless. As Pengembara walks he observes — the scenery around him, the villages or towns he is passing through, the people he meets. His mind is at work, internalising, analysing, occasionally philosophising, though not too deeply for comfort. Read on and keep in step with Pengembara. He should prove a congenial travelling companion.

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Year published: 2016
Pages: 142
Sub-genre: travel
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