Without Anchovies

Without Anchovies

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Author: Chua Kok Yee

In my thirty years of teaching, I have seen many of my former students grow up and take on unexpected roles in life; star athletes have ended up working as illegal car jockeys, mediocre students have become millionaires, and perfectly decent boys are now politicians.
-- as said by Cikgu Preetam in Perfect Prefect --

Heart-rending, hilarious, irreverent, fantastical, macabre and one hundred per cent Malaysian, all at the same time, these twenty-two stories by Chua Kok Yee explore what it is like to live in this bizarre country. And the message is all about hope. These are stories of Malaysians, by a Malaysian, for Malaysians. No apologies asked for, or given.

Chua Kok Yee is an old-fashioned yarn-spinner with a thoroughly modern sensibility, and many of the tales in Without Anchovies would make great short films.
-- Amir Muhammad, writer and independent filmmaker --

Format: Medium PB
Year published: 2010
Pages: 172
Sub-genre: stories
Imprint: Silverfish Books
Product weight: 320g

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