Yeshua: Ecce Homo

Yeshua: Ecce Homo

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Caught in the middle of a bloody massacre, Yeshua is traumatised. He goes to a breakaway community to reflect. He studies the scriptures in depth and acquires the skills of healing. He sees people living between poverty and destitution, besieged by malnutrition, physical impairment, disease and illness for which they know no medical remedies and overburdened by taxation and debt, shackled by a belief deception. 

In this parallel Gospel narrative, Yeshua smashes the belief system in fighting the wrath of the elite, but brings healing to blindness in belief. He is a victim of corruption and conspiracy. 

Pilate tells the crowd, 'Behold the Man.' This book brings that man into focus.

'Yeshua: Ecce Homo' challenges our belief system. 


Format: Paperback
Year published: 2022
Pages: 532
Imprint: Self-published 
Product weight: 745g

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