DonK! (Dogeng Kontemporari)

DonK! (Dogeng Kontemporari)

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Author: Various (Taylor's University)

Everybody remembers some folk tales here and there, and yet no one really remembers the definitive version. The DonK! (Dogeng Kontemporari) Project hopes to add to the rich and fertile tradition - as well as confusion - by asking comic artists to render contemporary versions and a fresh vision for Malaysia's folk tales.

This volume contains comics done by students from Taylor's University's School of Architecture, Building and Design. Between these pages, you will find Santubong and Sejinjang as hopeful actresses; Si Buta and Si Tempang celebrating Halloween; and a number of rare folk tales.

Maple Comics has embarked on this project as our community outreach programme - to go into colleges and universities to discover new talent and provide a platform for young artists to showcase their work.

Format: Medium PB
Year published: 2015
Pages: 107
Sub-genre: comics
Imprint: Maple Comics
Product weight: 115g

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